About our Projects

3I’s objective is to help young individuals take control of their future aspirations.  Learning and doing must go hand in hand. This new global society need young proactive individuals to help make the world a better place. 3I aim to give them the tools they need to achieve.

Permanent Projects & Competitions

3I’s goal is to continue growing with everyone we help. We started working on projects that give families the skills they needed to incorporate a second or third language in the family, and have moved on to helping adolescents make their dreams opportunity in the global society.




The Diamond Challenge

The Diamond Challenge is the largest global entrepreneurship concept competition for high school students in the entire world. High school students from around the world unite to pitch their idea with hopes of winning funding to make their idea a reality. If for some reason, the winning team decides not to pursue their idea, the funding could be used to finance their education.

There are two competition tracks: The Business Concept Track, and the Social Innovation Track. 

UD Social Innovation Abroad

3I is currently working with the University of Delaware to create an educational summer program that gives high school students hands-on experience helping local organizations within the exchange community to fix. This program is currently being designed and discusses, but it is expected to launch Summer 2019.

English Fam

Families have a very strong impact on learning. This impact includes linguistic abilities. With the world becoming more global daily, bilingualism, in English or other languages, strongly impacts these children’s ability to succeed throughout their lives.

Thus the English Fam Group’s objective is to promote bilingualism education within families. The group meets monthly, and is open to families of children under the age of 12. Meetings are conducted completely in English, and each family is obligated to host one activity yearly.

Madrid Playtime website

Madridplaytime.com is an additional online aid to help families find English language learning opportunities. A calendar with a variety of English based activities can be found at: www.madridplaytime.com . Articles related to bilingual families, book reviews, local play reviews can also be found at this site.

“Bringing the future closer to the present”

Natalia Z. Z. 

“Bringing the future closer to the present”

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